What sensors are supported

Heart Rate monitors

STAmina supports generic Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate monitors (that comply with Bluetooth Specification). It doesn’t support smartwatches (like Apple Watch or Samsung Watch) at the moment.

STAmina was tested with the following devices, but most of the stand-alone HR monitors should also work without any issues:

  1. smartLab hrm W
  2. Wahoo TICKR FIT
  3. Wahoo TICKR RUN
  4. ...

Pulse oximeters

STAmina supports generic Bluetooth Low Energy pulse oximeters (that comply with Bluetooth Specification) as well as some specific models from various vendors. Please keep in mind that, unlike HR monitors, Pulse Oximeters mostly use their own proprietary protocol to communicate, which means that if you don’t see your device in the list, most probably it will not connect to the app.

A list of devices that were tested:

  1. Medisana PM 100
  2. Jumper JPD-500G (with Bluetooth), Jumper JPD-500F
  3. Masimo MightySat
  4. Wellue PC-60FW
  5. Wellue FS20F
  6. Berry BM1000B
  7. Berace YWK-J1
  8. LPOW A340B (Bluetooth)

Request a device compatibility

If you have a Bluetooth LE device that broadcasts HR/SpO2 and is not compatible with the app, please create a feature request here: feedback.getstamina.app