Support STAmina

Thank you for being a STAmina user. We do our best to make the app a powerful yet easy-to-use helper for everyone interested in apnea, and we would greatly appreciate your help. There are multiple ways in which you can assist the app.


A subscription is the best way to support the app and ensure that you have access to all of its features. Your subscription helps us to continue developing and improving the app, ensuring that it remains a powerful and easy-to-use tool for everyone interested in apnea.

Rate and review the app. 

A 5-star rating and an honest review can be of great help. Just a few words about what you like in the app or how it helped you achieve your goals can make a difference. Android users can leave a review on Google Play, and iOS users can leave a review on the App Store. (It's easier when the link is opened from a mobile phone).

Follow us on social media. 

Join our community on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Get your dose of motivation and inspiration for achieving great apnea results. Find a few helpful how-to videos, leave your thoughts and comments, ask questions, and talk to the team directly.

Participate in the localization. 

STAmina is a community-localized application. If you find a mistake or a typo, jump in and help fix it! Or perhaps you would like to have another language in the app? That's doable too! We keep all the localization work here.

Share your progress and tag the app. 

We are always happy to see and share our users' progress. It is the best source of motivation for the community!

If you have a website, you can put a link to our page or the app's logo/banner. If you're willing to do that, send us a message, and we'll be happy to prepare graphics for you.

Tell friends and buddies about STAmina. 

Nothing beats word of mouth. Show the app to a friend or a club buddy, or recommend the app to your students if you're an instructor.

Suggest new features and report bugs. 

Don't be silent if you feel there is a lack of any feature or have an idea of how to make the interface better. Or maybe you find the app crashing or experiencing laggy behavior. We want to know all of this. Open a ticket here: feedback.getstamina.app. Upvote other users' suggestions and participate in discussions.