STAmina for Apple Watch

We're excited to launch STAmina Apnea Coach, the standalone app for Apple Watch designed specifically for apnea enthusiasts and professionals. Now you can develop your breath-hold skills directly from your wrist, without needing your phone.

Load your exercises from the mobile app onto your watch and enjoy the freedom of running breath-hold sessions wherever you go. The intuitive interface guides you through each exercise, allowing you to monitor your progress and push your limits with confidence.

Once you complete an exercise, the watch app automatically syncs your history records, including heart rate data, back to the mobile app. This makes it easy to track your achievements and analyze your performance over time.

Download the app here:

Please note that the minimum supported watch version is Apple Watch 3 (watchOS 8). You will also need the latest version of the mobile app (6.2.x or later) to pair the watch app with your account.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Published on 17.05.2023