Hey 2024!

Hey apnea enthusiasts and professionals! Our world is about to enter the new year 2024. I’d like to thank all of you for staying with us!

There is a growing trend among mobile applications and services to have a year in review for users so each one could know what music did he listen to, how many kilometres did she run, how many words, language did we learn, and so on. STAmina is not there yet to summarise your apnea achievements for you, so instead let me give you a review of what happened with STAmina in 2023.

  • Our team has grown by two new wonderful persons: Markiian (developer) and Romana (QA). I’m so happy to work with them on STAmina to help you all achieve your goals.
  • Early this year, we introduced STAmina PRO - the most stressful update I ever did. With the change of the monetisation model, we’ve opened an opportunity to grow by the cost of higher risks. So far, smooth sailing. But still, a lot to do to mitigate risks and lay the foundation for stable growth.
  • We shipped an Apple Watch version of STAmina (btw, created by our very good and talented friend Yauheni).
  • We have made it possible to use Garmin devices as HR sensors.
  • After tons of requests to make various pulse-oximeters compatible with STAmina, we have developed a smart connection wizard that makes it possible to semi-automatically interrogate and add pulse-oximeters that are not compatible with STAmina out of the box. It covers well all pulse-oximeters that have a simple communication protocol, leaving us to deal with the complex ones.
  • Another huge feature that was developed and shipped this year was Guidance Profiles - a feature that makes it possible to configure countdowns, voice guides, haptic feedback in any possible way. You can have an AIDA or CMAS countdown, you can mimic your coach saying your time starting after 4 mins of a breath-hold, add motivational phrases to help you push your limits, etc.
  • With the help of our community, we have translated the app or improved the translation into Ukrainian, German, French, Korean, Polish, and other languages. We have an open system for translation; if you’re interested to help, just let us know!
  • We have added a self-evaluation feature that lets you better track your progress, have notes, and plan future exercises.
  • Added cooldown intervals for exercises and personal bests.
  • Added in-app messages so we can finally contact you directly.
  • Made tons of smaller visual and functional updates (like contraction dots on the charts, configurations of gestures, export for history items, sorting and duplicating for tables, completely new Personal Best page, pause for an exercise, and other).
  • Introduced new bugs!
  • Fixed even more bugs!
  • Shipped our first prototype of a hardware project (developed by multitalented Vadim) - on-ear pulse-oximeter to use with the app (thanks to @staticapneablog for the idea and motivation).

Since September, we took a break from getting out new features to focus on the migration to a new technology. We are about to finish this migration and plan to have an update early next year! To make it more interesting for you, we’ve added a new feature in there as well - SpO2 alarms that will make it possible to configure the app to announce when a certain level of SpO2 is reached.

That’s all with the official part! Once again, I’d like to thank you all for making STAmina a part of your apnea journey. I wish you successful progress towards your dreams and goals in 2024! See you soon!

Published on 30.12.2023