Self evaluation

Proper planning is crucial for the success of any training process. We have added another tool that might help you better structure your training plan to achieve your set goals. Once you complete an exercise, you see a new section on the congratulations screen.

Self evalutaion

Self evalutaion

Self Evaluation section is where you can assess your workouts and track your progress. Here's what each field is for:

Perceived Effort 

Rate how hard your workout felt on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very light and 10 being maximum effort. This helps you gauge the intensity of your workouts and track your performance over time. As a beginner, you might initially find even a 3-minute breath-hold challenging, but in just a few months, that same duration will feel like a warm-up interval for you, showcasing your progress!

How Did You Feel 

Describe how you felt after your workout by choosing one of five options - exhausted, weak, normal, strong, or awesome. For example, on some days, you might feel exhausted after a tough workout, while on other days, you might feel strong and accomplished. Your mood and energy levels can vary from one training session to another, and that's completely normal!


Leave a comment about your workout or add any additional information using the text entry field. You can also use hashtags to add labels, making it easier to filter and find specific records later. This allows you to capture any relevant details, such as exercise variations or how you felt emotionally during the workout.

Remember, the Self Evaluation section is designed to help you reflect on your workouts and gain insights into your progress. Your feedback will be valuable in optimizing your training routine and achieving your apnea goals!

Published on 14.04.2023