The essential app for apnea trainings

Hold your breath longer. Become confident in the water. An easy to use app for everyone who enjoys water.

Why STAmina is the best in class

Auto generated tables

Start quickly by entering your best result and choosing a difficulty. STAmina will generate O2 and CO2 tables that closely match your current level. As you progress, you can either fine tune created exercises or generate new ones that match your new best result.

Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation tracking

STAmina can track your heart rate and oxygen saturation level via a compatible HR monitor / pulse oximeter. Collected data is presented in a chart form so you can easily analyse how does your body react to the stress caused by apnea, how fast you recover after apnea intervals, how low does the oxygen saturation drop during long apnea intervals, how you react to contractions, etc.

Contractions tracking

Whenever you feel a contraction and want to track it - double tap on the timer. The app will save the exact time of the contraction. After the exercise is completed, review all contractions, analyse charts, compare with previous logs. By tracking time of the first contractions and intervals between contractions you can track your progress and better understand your condition.

Highly customisable custom table typе

A custom table type is a flexible constructor that lets you to build all kinds of exrcises that don't fit into common table types. Apnea walks? Pre-contractions exercises? Mild warmup routines? We've got you covered! Add rounds, set lenghts (not only by time, but also until a tap), configure repeats.

Cloud sync / backup

Create an account and the app will synchronize your data between multiple devices

Detailed history

Track and analize your training sessions with the detailed history

Variety of table types

Classic O2, CO2 tables. Advanced Mix, Wonka exercises. Breathing 'Pranayama' table

Voice guidance

Focus on the exercise. You'll be guided by a voice recorder by a professional actor

Share exercises

Configure an exercise and send a link to your student or a friend with just a few taps

Training reminders

Never miss an exercise. Configure reminders and the app will let you know when it's time for apnea

Apple health

Synchronize completed exercises with Apple Health as mindful minutes

STAmina reviews


Nice and beautiful Apnea App with a very simple and intuitively understandable interface having many useful features like adjustable voice and audial notifications, preprogrammed tables and opportunity to make your own breathold tables according to you skills and needs. The best static apnea application I've seen!

Yulia Maryevich
Apnea Academy Instructor, AIDA Vice President


After many years of praying, higher powers have sent me this amazing application. My previous experience with many other apnea tools was always rather annoying, due to their incompleteness, but now my days of frustration are over and I am happy to recommend this multifunctional helper. I am very pleased with its configuration. It has everything that enthusiasts and professional may require on their journey of training for apnea.

Gus Kreivenas
AIDA and SSI Instructor


Easy to use and powerful application for apnea. I use it all the time for personal trainings and for leading a group of students.

Valeriy Kovalenko
Apnea Academy Instructor


Yulia Maryevich

STAmina Ambassador
Apnea Academy Instructor

Valeriy Kovalenko

Lead developer
Apnea Academy Instructor

Vadim Kozhin

Lead UI/UX

Christina Gindl

Marketing / Social Media
Surfer, Freediver and Apnea Ocean Trainings

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If you have any ideas or feature requests we have setup a special service to disscuss them. We'll be happy hearing from you.